Signal Boosters For Mining

Get complete mining cellular solutions with WilsonPro

Many open-pit mines experience little to no signal at their sites, this can be caused by a multitude of external factors, namely the depth of large pits and quarries and the location of the site from the nearest cell phone tower. On-Site offices and metal prefabs also block signal and can make admin activities tough to complete.

Our weBoost amplifiers are the perfect solution for in vehicle and mobile signal while our WilsonPro boosters are great for prefabs and on-site offices.

If you require boosted signal in the quarry or pit, contact us for a custom solution.

Signal Booster Key Benefits

When poor cellular signal is affecting your business, then you need a solution. Our commercial cell phone signal boosters amplify 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE signals up to 32x. Guaranteed results for better signal in a building or vehicle.

Strong indoor cellular service increases property value by 28%

Over 80% of mobile traffic today originates inside of buildings

Wi-Fi networks are not enough for constant quality connection

Customers & tenants are more dependent on mobile voice & data services indoors

Commercial buildings need reliable cellular coverage in case of emergencies

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